Music by Gail Sky King
Lyrics by Joey Mazzarino
Date 1994
Publisher Sesame Street Inc.
EKA Episode 3368
Sesame Street Fur Jam Don't Waste the Water02:19

Sesame Street Fur Jam Don't Waste the Water

"Don't Waste the Water" is a hit song by Fur Jam on Sesame Street. The music video stresses that we shouldn't waste water by letting it run when we're not using it, and make sure to always turn it off.

The song is a spoof of Pearl Jam's song, "Daughter".


  • This song was also used in a 1995 episode, where it was shown as a selected "Fuzz Clip of the Week." The host (Telly Monster) describes the music video as "excellent" and "way cool," adding that "it's all about water, and how we shouldn't, like, waste it."



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