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Music by Jesse Harris
First Episode 4081
Norah jones y

"Don't Know Y" is a Sesame Street parody of Norah Jones' song "Don't Know Why." This song is about her having planned a playdate with the letter Y, who didn't show up. As she sings, Elmo sees the letter Y showing up late. Elmo tries to tell Norah, but she is too upset to notice. However, she eventually realizes that the Y did come after all.

Later broadcasts of this segment include a post-roll, in which Norah, Elmo, and the Y all yodel. The segment appeared on Die lange Sesamstraßen-Nacht, a special Sesamstrasse late-night block.


  • The segment was taped on December 5, 2003.


Sesame Street Norah Jones Sings Don't Know Y03:11

Sesame Street Norah Jones Sings Don't Know Y

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