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Kermit with Dolly Parton on Dolly

Dolly was a television variety show hosted by Dolly Parton which aired Sundays on ABC during the 1987-1988 television season.

The show was initially successful but could not retain its audience, and was cancelled.

Muppet Appearances

  • November 15, 1987: Miss Piggy and Dolly poked fun at some of the previous acts on the show, including a "Bubble Bath" skit. They sang "Friendship". Later, Piggy sang "Someone To Watch Over Me", in part to lampoon Dolly's prior performance of the song in the first episode. Parton, annoyed at being undermined by Miss Piggy, told guest Juice Newton that they might be "having ham sandwiches after the show". Piggy then forced herself in on the last number, "Oh Lonesome Me", singing with Parton, Newton, and Jerry Reed, only to make a quick exit to her limo immediately after.

Muppet appearances

<videogallery id="0"> Video:Dolly_Parton's_Date_with_Kermit_The_Frog_on_The_Dolly_Show_1987_88_(Ep_5,_Pt_3)|Episode 5, Kermit appearance part 1 Video:Dolly_Parton's_Sketch_with_Delta_Burke_on_The_Dolly_Show_1987_88_(Ep_5,_Pt_4)|Episode 5, Kermit appearance part 2 (bumper only) Video:Dolly_Parton's_Intro_To_Dolly_Show_1987_88_(Ep_8,_Pt_1)|Episode 8, Miss Piggy appearance part 1 Video:Dolly_Partons_Sketch_with_Miss_Piggy_on_The_Dolly_Show_1987_88_(Ep_8,_Pt_4)|Episode 8, Miss Piggy appearance part 2 Video:Dolly_Parton_-_Friendship_with_Miss_Piggy_on_The_Dolly_Show_1987_88_(Ep_8,_Pt_5)|Episode 8, Miss Piggy appearance part 3 Video:Dolly_Parton_-_Hoedown_Showdown_on_The_Dolly_Show_1987_88_(Ep_8,_Pt_9)|Episode 8, Miss Piggy appearance part 4 (bumper only) Video:Dolly_Parton_&_Guests_-_Oh_Lonesome_Me_on_The_Dolly_Show_1987_88_(Ep_8,_Pt_12)|Episode 8, Miss Piggy appearance part 5 </videogallery>

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