Although not all of the scenes in the series of paintings by C. M. Coolidge called Dogs Playing Poker actually feature dogs playing cards, the title serves as the popular name of the 16 oil paintings from the series which also include depictions of anthropomorphized dogs smoking cigars, dancing, playing baseball and testifying in court. His paintings inspired American illustrator Arthur Sarnoff who is famous for his Dogs Playing Pool style paintings.

In episode 104 of The Jim Henson Hour, Jim Henson cites these paintings as the source of inspiration for the television movie Dog City which aired during that episode. The look and style of Coolidge's settings were adapted to the gangster film noir genre of the 1930s and 40s.

The Muppets at Walt Disney World features a scene with Rowlf performing "I'm Doggin' It" live from the Detention Hall of the Walt Disney World Pet Care Center, with a number of Muppet dogs, including two groups of characters who recreate scenes from Coolidge's paintings.

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