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Doen alsof (Pretending) is a Sesamstraat episode that first aired on 10 October 2010, during the 35th season.

Picture Segment Description
Ienie Arjan air guitar

Ienie Aart Lot pretending

Arjan is playing air guitar, because he isn't all that good at playing a real guitar. Ieniemienie tells she always wanted to be a good violin player, so Arjan gives her a 'violin' and a 'bow'. When he turns on the music, Ieniemienie pretends to give a beautiful performance.


Ernie and Bert: Bert's pigeon Bernice can't play with him, so Ernie pretends that he is Bernice. Then Ernie asks Bert to pretend that he is Ernie's Rubber Duckie.


A man can't find his cat, so he starts daydreaming; she might have been taken to another planet, and married an alien king. When the cat turns up, he laughs about the idea, not knowing that his cat is actually carrying a crown with her.


Hakim sings a song about food with the school kids and pretends to eat food made out of clay.


Tommie sings a song about him being a knight who rides a magic horse.


Telly Monster snuggles and barks like a dog. Baby Bear comes and doesn't understand why, he just wants to play in the play date they planned that day. Telly tells he can be his dog. Baby Bear tells him that he will have to know how to take care of a dog to have one.

Clay animation

A dog owner jumps into the bath tub and makes animal faces out of soap bubbles, hoping this will convince his reluctant dog to get into the tub as well.


Buurman Baasje wants to lay down on the beach, but he sees the kids and Peetje are there as well. He's afraid the kids are going to tease him when they see him, so he eavesdrop on them. The kids notice him nevertheless and want to play with him. They give him a sand pie that he actually takes a bite out of.


A cock can't wake a sheep by crowing, so he starts making other animal noises instead.


Mano gives a piano performance.


Elmo and Abby Cadabby: Elmo and Abby plan on showing the viewer how to brush their teeth, but since they don't have any, they pretend they have teeth.

Bedtime story

Frank reads a story about Heksje Huk (Little Witch Huk). Huk's friends are pretending to drink dragon tea. Huk doesn't understand the game at first and, much to her friends' disgust, uses her magic to make real dragon tea.

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