Written by Phillip Namanworth
Date 1978
Publisher Sesame Street Inc; Teshuvah Music
EKA Episode 1234

Ernie wakes up Bert in the middle of the night to ask "Do You Like Me?". A disbelieving Bert confirms that he does like Ernie, but wants to go to sleep. Ernie tells Bert that he likes him also before he goes to sleep.

Walk-around versions of Ernie and Bert later sang this song at the 1990 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

International Versions

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10 voor version.

The song and sketch were dubbed and appeared on the Dutch show Sesamstraat as "Vind Je Me Aardig?". In 2016, it was re-filmed and re-recorded in Dutch, with new vocals and a new backing track, for the Sesamstraat mini-series 10 voor.

The song was also dubbed in German for Sesamstrasse as "Ich mag Dich".

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