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Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade

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Kermit and piggy 9

Kermit and Piggy share hosting duties at Disneyland for the 2004 parade.


Dave Goelz and Gonzo record a bit in 2004 at Disneyland.

Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade (formerly known as Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade) is an annual broadcast of Walt Disney World's Christmas parade, which is at their Magic Kingdom park. In recent years, the broadcast has expanded to included footage from the Disneyland Christmas parade. It is broadcasted on Christmas Day on ABC.

Muppet appearances

  • 1989: Kermit the Frog (voiced by Jim Henson) rides in a sleigh, on top of a blanket. He sings "Sleigh Ride", accompanied by two human cast members from the park. The clip was reshown in the 2008 broadcast.
  • 2010: Park puppets Kermit and Piggy ride on their normal float in the Walt Disney World section of the broadcast. Ryan Seacrest, Maria Menounos, and Nick Cannon host.
  • 2011: Statler and Waldorf appear throughout the broadcast, providing colour commentary. Kermit appears partway through with Mario Lopez, to whom he offers his gig on New Year's Eve... being Miss Piggy's date; Lopez freezes in shock after unwittingly agreeing. During the segment, Kermit makes reference to his press tour for The Muppets. Gonzo appears in the opening sequence, a "stay-tuned" skit with Maria Menounos, and closing bloopers. Musical performances include Justin Bieber and Jennifer Hudson. In a publicity photo, Kermit posed with Bella Thorne and Zendaya.



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