In the spring of 2005, several Muppets were featured in a series of Disney Channel identification bumpers. In these bumpers, featuring Disney stars and characters, the star identifies themselves and announces the channel, then waves a magical wand, drawing the Disney Channel logo (a tilted Mickey Mouse Head outline). The promos were played regularly on the network. Each promo runs for 10 seconds.

In 2011, edited versions of the Muppets bumpers (with a different soundtrack) re-aired in anticipation for the film The Muppets.

  • Kermit the Frog says, "Hi ho, Kermit the Frog here, and you're watching Disney Channel!" He draws the logo, and inspects it proudly, saying, "Mm hmm, nice!". (He does not inspect the logo in the edited version.)
  • Miss Piggy declares, "Bonjour! I'm Miss Piggy, and you are watching Disney Channel!". She gracefully draws the logo and then tops it off with her famous line of "Kissy kissy!"
  • Fozzie Bear says, "Ahh! I'm Fozzie Bear, and you're watching Disney Channel!" He carefully draws the Disney Channel logo with the wand and rejoices with a classic “Wocka wocka!" (In the newer edited version he says "Wocka wocka!" before drawing the logo.)
  • Gonzo says, "Hi! I'm the Great Gonzo, and you're watching Disney Channel." He then draws the Disney Channel logo with the wand; soon the wand goes out of control and flies away. Gonzo hangs on to the wand, flying back and forth, and finally crashing into the screen.
  • Pepe the King Prawn says, "Hola! I'm Pepe, and you are watching Disney Channel, okay." Then Pepe draws the Disney Channel logo with the wand and laughs happily.
  • Animal shouts "DISNEY! DISNEY!" and just scribbles with the wand. The scribbles morph into the Disney Channel logo, and Animal exclaims "Mickey!" Then, in true Animal character, he starts eating the wand!

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