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Dina Al-Saleh is a Kuwaiti stage actress and puppeteer who performs Khokha on Alam Simsim, the Egyptian co-production of Sesame Street.

Al-Saleh has spoken of the advantage of using puppet characters like Khokha to address issues such as the roles of women:
It really helps that they are puppets... Because sometimes when they are human, they are like, 'Well, I do not know if we dress that way, and this is too short for a four-year-old or this is, you know, this is too fancy or oh no she has make up on!' and you know? A lot of these things might bring up controversy, but as far as puppets are concerned, the sky is the limit. [1]


  1. "Sesame Street Translated into Arabic."" Voice of America News. May 10, 2006.

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