Songs from Sesamstraat
Released 2006
Format CD/Booklet
Label Rubinstein
Cat no. 90 544 396 0

Dierendingen (Animal Stuff) is a CD-and-booklet of Sesamstraat, the Dutch co-production of Sesame Street, produced by Rubinstein. It made its debut in the Children's Book Week of 2006, which was centred around animals.

The CD features 20 songs "by, for, and about animals" from previous CD releases. The booklet contains the song lyrics and illustrations of the characters from Sesamstraat and Sesame Street with their favorite animals.


  1. Sesamstraat Tune - Sesamstraat Choir
  2. Welk Dier? (Name That Animal) - Bert & Ernie play a game
    Translation by Ton Hasebos
  3. Hou Het Park Schoon voor de Duiven (Keep the Park Clean for the Pigeons) - Bert
  4. Visje (Fishie) - Tommie
    Music by Harry Bannink, Lyrics by Theo Olthuis
  5. Ik Ben Mijn Lieve Hondje Kwijt (Has Anybody Seen My Dog) - Ernie
  6. Een Octopus Heeft Het Moeilijk (Octopus Blues) - The Muppets (an octopus)
  7. De Krekel-Boogie (Night Bug Boogie) - The Night Bugs
  8. Het Duivenball (The Pigeon Ball) - Bert & Ernie
  9. 'n Kuiken Is Geen Kip (A Chick Is Not A Chicken) - Frank
    Music by Harry Bannink, Lyrics by Hans Dorrestijn
  10. Poesje Moortje (Kitty Moortje) - Sien
    Music by Harry Bannink, Lyrics by Theo Olthuis
  11. Op de Boerderij (On the Farm) - Bill Van Dijk
  12. Troeteleendje (Rubber Duckie) - Ernie
  13. Het Boekenwurmlied (I'm a Bookworm, Baby!) - The Bookworms
  14. De Ballade van de Vlinder (The Ballad of the Butterfly) - Pino
  15. De Vissen (The Fish) - Sesamstraat Choir (fish)
  16. Ze Leggen Eieren het Klokje Rond (Cluck Around the Clock) - (Pim) Roos and Choir (Little Chrissy)
  17. We Wassen de Hond (We're Washing the Dog) - Hans Vermeulen and Choir
  18. Ik Zie Duiven Vliegen (I See Pigeons Fly) - Bert & Ernie
  19. Elmo Kan Vliegen (Elmo Can Fly) - Elmo
  20. Mug (Mosquito) - Tommie
    Music by Harry Bannink, Lyrics by Theo Olthuis



  • The 2005 television version of the Sesamstraat Theme is the only song that hasn't been released on CD before.
  • Recent Sesamstraat fans might not recognize the voice(s) of Pino, since Renée Menschaar is not featured on the album.

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