Die wundersame Geschichte vom Weihnachtsspielzeug ("The Wondrous Story of the Christmas Toy") is the German dub of The Christmas Toy.

The special first aired in the late 1980s on ZDF. Although it was never released on video, it re-aired a second time on December 25, 2001 on KiKa. Kermit the Frog lacks his usual German voice actor of the time (Andreas von der Meden), and has a different, unidentified voice.


English Name German Name German Voice Actor
Rugby Tiger Stefan Krause
Mew Miau-Maus Inez Günther
Apple Äpfelchen Sabine Bohlmann
Belmont Herbert Weicker
Meteora Helga Trümper
Jamie Angela Wiederhut
Molly Claudia Lössl
Mother Mutter Doris Jensen
Father Vater Leon Rainer
Kermit the Frog Kermit der Frosch Unknown


  • German Adaptation & Lyrics: Rudolf Krause
  • Editor: Marianne Brink

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