Original German movie poster

Country (Language) West Germany
Released March 22, 1985
Running time 91 minutes
Dubbing Studio/
Script Translator/Editor Eberhard Storeck
Voice Director Eberhard Storeck
Musical Adaptation
Local Rating FSK 6 (ages 6 and up)

Die Muppets erobern Manhattan is the German dub of The Muppets Take Manhattan. The film received theatrical release in West Germany on March 22, 1985 (252 days after the film's US-release date). It was never released in East Germany.

It was the last German dub to feature most of the same voices heard on Die Muppet Show, with Eberhard Storeck once again directing the dub and adapting the dialog. Yet in contrast to the Muppet Show characters, not all Sesame Street characters appearing in the finale wedding scene were dubbed by their original Sesamstrasse voice actors.


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