In 1984, Intercord released soundtracks of the first six episodes of Die Fraggles on German LP and cassette.

LP Cover and Catalogue Number Cassette Cover and Catalogue Number Contents Notes

INT 130.035

INT 430.035
Side One
Folge 1: Anfänge
(Episode 101: Beginnings)

Side Two
Folge 2: Wembley und die Gorgs
(Episode 102: Wembley and the Gorgs)

Cassette also available as
44 164 2
(Club Edition)

INT 130.036

INT 430.036
Side One
Folge 3: Red liegt auf dem Trockenen
(Episode 103: Let the Water Run)

Side Two
Folge 4: Geh nie ohne Hut
(Episode 104: You Can't Do That Without a Hat)

INT 130.037

INT 430.037
Side One
Folge 5: Die 30-Minuten-Arbeitswoche
(Episode 105: The Thirty-Minute Work Week)

Side Two
Folge 6: Die Predigten des Johannes
(Episode 106: The Preachification of Convincing John)

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