The label Karussell released German-language soundtracks of Die Dinos on audio cassette in 1993. Each cassette contains two episodes of the German dub of Dinosaurs.

Cover Number Titles English Titles
1 Paarungstanz
Der mächtige Megalosaurus
Episode 102: The Mating Dance
Episode 101: The Mighty Megalosaurus
2 Der Schleudertag
Mitarbeiter des Monats
Episode 103: Hurling Day
Episode 206: Employee of the Month
3 Das Duell
Das großen Heulen
Episode 104: High Noon
Episode 105: The Howling
4 Fressen und gefressen werden
Die letzten Appetitäffchen
Episode 203: I Never Ate for My Father
Episode 205: Endangered Species
5 Schwanzprobleme
Das goldene Horn
Episode 204: Charlene's Tale
Episode 201: The Golden Child
6 Aktion Fernseher
Aufstand der Frostzone
Episode 202: Family Challenge
Episode 207: When Food Goes Bad
7 Das Fest der Liebe
Episode 212: Refrigerator Day
Episode 208: Career Opportunities
8 Die erste Anmache
Der Ehe-TÜV
Episode 210: How to Pick Up Girls
Episode 209: Unmarried ... With Children
9 Umtausch ausgeschlossen
Beruf: Baumschubserin
Episode 211: Switched at Birth
Episode 213: What "Sexual" Harris Meant
10 Sag Nein!
Fragen Sie Fran!
Episode 217: A New Leaf
Episode 214: Fran Live

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