Diana Leto is a Sesame Street artist. Her work has included illustrations for the promotion of various products published online by Sesame Workshop's social marketing on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter. She also works as the colorist on Sesame Bits.

Official bio


Diana Leto at the 2011 Jim Henson Legacy Reunion.

From Adobe.com

As an artist at Sesame Workshop, Diana Leto aids, guides and participates in the creation of visuals in all formats of media using Adobe software. From print to web, she is involved with creating style guides, app arel designs, photography, large-scale banners, web elements and more relating to character artwork and designs. Diana’s experience encompasses animations and video for The Jim Henson Legacy. Troubleshooting for coll eagues, learning how to get the best from Adobe software and helping refresh beloved characters for a cultural institution, Diana’s work on Sesame Street stands at the intersection of Adobe’s innovation and artists’ inspiration.

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Adobe Illustrator Scribble Brush Tutorial12:54

Adobe Illustrator Scribble Brush Tutorial

Adobe Illustrator Scribble Brush Tutorial

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