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Denise Bryer, posing with robots from Terrahawks

Denise Bryer (b. 1928) is an English voice actress who voiced the Junk Lady in Labyrinth.

A veteran of radio and TV animation and puppetry, Bryer performed the voice of the title character in The Adventures of Twizzle (1957). She is perhaps best-known for providing the voices of the characters Captain Mary Falconer and Zelda in Terrahawks (1983-1986).

Other projects over the years include Hector's House (1968), Gulliver's Travels (1977), and Return To Oz (1985). She also provided voices in both The Classic Adventures of Noddy (1975-1983) and New Adventures of Noddy (1998-2000).

Her most recent television appearance to date was on Revisiting The Future, a 2003 documentary in which she discussed her work in the Terrahawks series.

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