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In filmmaking, scenes are often cut, shortened, or unrealised prior to the film's release. Muppet movies are no exception, with many scenes written and even filmed but dropped from the final edit of the film.

The Muppet Movie

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The Great Muppet Caper

Gmc car stunts deleted shot

The Muppets Take Manhattan


Lost lyrics appear in comic book adaptation

  • There was a deleted scene filmed in which two little people stayed in lockers by the Muppets.[1] A human head can be seen sleeping in a bottom locker at the end of the "You Can't Take No for an Answer" montage.
  • Lyrics were cut from "He'll Make Me Happy," a line sung by singing food that doesn't appear in the final version of the song includes "lettuce wish them joy and hope, it's a shame they cantaloupe." The lost lyrics appear in the comic book adaptation of the movie, and were shown being rehearsed by the performers in The Making of The Muppets Take Manhattan.
  • A cameo for Dustin Hoffman as a producer was written, but Hoffman decided not to do it at the last minute.[2]
  • The storybook adaptation also includes a scene (with photos) of Bunsen and Beaker meeting the Electic Mayhem in the polka-crazy town of Monongahela, PA and helping the exhausted band with Muppet Lab's gas-powered drumometer. The book (as well as the comic adaption) also references Beauregard taking the band back to New York. While none of these were in the finished film, all three characters can be seen at the polka club when Dr. Teeth announces they are going to New York.
  • The film's storybook and comic book adaptations include a scene where Statler and Waldorf attempt to cure Kermit's amnesia backstage before the opening of Manhattan Melodies. The storybook includes photos.
  • The film's storybook adaptation includes a moment during the wedding finale where Kermit leans over to Gonzo, who was playing his best man, and asks Gonzo why he didn't you play the minister and who the new actor is. Gonzo tells him that it's not an actor, but rather a real minister. A photo of Kermit and Gonzo talking by the altar appears in the book. It's unclear whether this was actually shot for the film, however.
  • The storybook and comic book adaptations both include a scene where Kermit's nurse tries to restore his memory withy hypnotism. It's unclear whether such a scene was ever actually scripted or intended for the film, however.

The Muppet Christmas Carol

When love is gone

Belle sings "When Love is Gone" in a scene cut from the theatrical version of the film

  • The song "When Love Is Gone" was originally planned to be part of the film; however, it was dropped from the theatrical release of the film after being shown to test audiences. It was not until the film was released on home video that the song was reinserted.
  • Two additional songs were written for the film that weren't used. The songs "Room in Your Heart" (sung by Bunsen and Beaker) and "Chairman of the Board" (sung by Sam Eagle) were written by Paul Williams for the film. These musical sequences never made it into production and were not filmed, but the songs were included on the film's soundtrack album.

Muppet Treasure Island

  • The opening tracking shot of the film originally showed the boats of the pirates arriving on the beach. However, according to the DVD audio commentary, while the crew spent a lot of time filming the scene, the shot was cut because they couldn't get the boats to land on the shore quickly and smoothly enough. Instead the scene simply cuts from the sea to a treasure chest being dropped on the beach by the pirates.
  • When Long John, Jim Hawkins and the pirates arrive on the island, there was a shot of the ship with an alligator (Bill Barretta) cruising in the water as the camera pans to the band on the island. The shot was trimmed for time.

Muppets from Space

Gonzo rizzo deleted scene

Gonzo and Rizzo on the roof in a deleted scene.

  • During the breakfast sequence, right after the explosion in the kitchen, Pepe says "The kitchen is closed!" (While not in the movie, the scene appears in the trailer for the film and in the outtake reel on the DVD).
  • The trailer for the film features shots from a scene with Rizzo talking to Gonzo on the roof of the boarding house. Rizzo says, "hey, Gonzo, don't you think you oughta take a little break? You're beginning to freak out the neighbors."
  • There was going to be a scene with Mr. Poodlepants as Kap'n Alphabet that didn't make it to the final version of the film. Steve Whitmire stated in a pre-Muppets from Space interview that he was going to perform this role in the movie.[3] In Muppets from Space: The Junior Novelization, the Kap'n Alphabet character had a speaking role during a scene that took place in C.O.V.N.E.T..

It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie

Xmas snoop 01
  • The DVD release features a reel of deleted scenes. Two additional deleted scenes were included as hidden Easter eggs on the DVD. The scenes include:
    • "Carson & Kermit: The Uncut Interview" - Kermit reveals that J. P. Grosse left the theater to the Muppets after he died and invites Carson Daly to the Muppets Christmas party.
    • "The Great Santa Claus Switch" - A jolly Santa, apparently convinced he's the real deal, regretfully informs Kermit that he can't appear in their big holiday production. Bobo the Bear agrees to star as Santa in the show.
    • "Meet Baron Von Scrooge" - Sam the Eagle appears in the "Moulin Scrooge" number as Baron Von Scooge, trying to steal Saltine (Miss Piggy) from Kermit.
    • "The Bitterman Bonus" - Rachel Bitterman is upset with the Christmas gifts from her employees.
    • "The Bus Stops Here" - Kermit leaves the theater and steps out in front of a bus and is almost hit.
    • "The Snowman Gets Slushy" - Joe Snow appears in the world in which Kermit was never born narrating the events while melting into nothingness.
    • "Body By Beaker" - In the world in which Kermit was never born, Beaker serves as the bouncer to Club Dot.
    • "Another Deleted Scene" - In the world in which Kermit was never born, a news reporter (Bill Barretta) appears with Officer James (Kirk Thatcher) outside the Bitterman Maximum Security Crustacean Facility where, reportedly, master con-artist Pepe the King Prawn has escaped. The scene appears as a hidden Easter egg on the DVD, accessible from the main menu.
    • "One More Deleted Scene" - Glenn speaks to some new interns about dreams and brags that he had been supportive of Daniel all along. The scene appears as a hidden Easter egg on the DVD, accessible from the special features menu.
  • A scene with Snoop Dogg and the Electric Mayhem was cut. According to writer Jim Lewis: "Here's how I remember it. We come upon Kermit and Snoop backstage talking in that patented Snoop patois (e.g. 'Off the hizzle f'shizzle...etc.'). Surprisingly, Kermit is fluent in this lingo and has his own Frog Pound. We then see the Electric Mayhem band sitting nearby. Floyd Pepper asks a typically insightful question, something along the lines of: 'Didja ever think that maybe the whole world is a molecule on the big toe of some giant in the cosmos?' To which Snoop gives a long (and to me) totally confusing answer just brimming with 'hizzles' and 'f'shizzles'. Floyd, Animal, and the rest of the band nod sagely and then Zoot says a line that was ad-libbed on the spot: 'Man, that's the first thing around here I've understood in 30 years.'"[4]
  • In the Inside Pepe's Studio documentary, there is footage of the filming of a deleted gag in the film involving Fozzie's joke with some pies; this bit isn't included in the deleted scene reel.
  • In the world in which Kermit was never born, Sal Minella was to be seen donning a wig and dress. While not seen in the final film, a cross-dressing Sal is shown in the behind-the-scenes footage at Club Dot featured in Inside Pepe's Studio on the MGM DVD release of the film.
  • Before Kermit knocks on Miss Piggy's door, there was a short scene of him walking through her apartment building. Kermit is seen passeing Jacques Roach while walking up the stairs. This was meant to show how dirty Miss Piggy's builing was, but was cut for time.

The Muppets Wizard of Oz

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The Muppets

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Muppets Most Wanted

See Muppets Most Wanted deleted scenes


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