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Dear Abby is a syndicated newspaper advice column which debuted in 1956. Readers send in letters to "Abigail Van Buren" (pseudonym of Pauline Phillips until 1995, and then her daughter Jeanne Phillips), who provides counsel on relationship matters, ettiquette concerns, and other issues. The column was adapted as a radio series from 1963 until 1974.


  • In the March 19, 1964 broadcast of The Jimmy Dean Show, Rowlf finds himself in need of expert advice. He writes to Dear Abby to discuss his relationship with Jimmy Dean, who has fallen into the habit of comparing him to various fruits.
  • In a Twitter posting on June 16, 2010, Abby Cadabby wrote that she was, "Thinking of starting a write-in advice column with Bambi for the local newspaper. We'll call it "Deer/Abby"." [1]
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