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De Wereld van Sesamstraat

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Written by  Sarah Roberts
Illustrator  Joe Mathieu
Published  2010
Publisher  Rubinstein
Series  Onbeperkt Lezen
ISBN  9789047608448
The backside of the book

De Wereld van Sesamstraat is a Dutch educational book that teaches all children, in a funny and happy way, all about sentences. It has special ways of reading; not every one can read with their eyes, but sometimes with the fingertips or with their ears. The book has its pictures on sight, feeling and even with senses. On the CD that comes with this book Princess of the Netherlands Laurentien explains what sentences do, being interrupted with songs about hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling and tasting. This is the third unique do, feel and audio book cooperation between NLBB Vereniging van Leesgehandicapten (Society for the Reading Disabled) and Rubinstein. Princess Laurentien Borrowes as protector of the NLBB her cooperation to this unique project. And the Rabobank offers all schools for blind and related handicapped children as all public libraries in the Netherlands a copy of this book.


  • Story read by H.K.H. Prinses Laurentien der Nederlanden

Production credits

Recording, Editing, Mastering:
Produced by:
Rubinstein Publishing bv
Ubald Seveke

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