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A screenshot from the game

De Grote Getallenquiz (The Big Number Quiz) is a 1999 Sesamstraat CD-ROM game for home computers developed by Mindscape and Sesame Workshop. Henk Glimlach welcomes you in the game, which is a show with a lot of humor, surprises and educational aspects. All together there are five Sesamstraat friends who play this game with you: Zoë, Neef Jan, Koekjesmonster, Graaf Tel and Oscar Mopperkont. Zoë explains what happens when you play a game, Koekjesmonster teaches an infant to put cookies in the right order, and Oscar helps with beginning mathematics, such as adding and subtraction. The player can also win prizes when questions are answered correctly.

The German version of the game was seen in a segment on Sesamstrasse episode 2313.


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