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De Freggels is the Dutch dub of the Fraggle Rock animated series. It was broadcast over VARA from 1989 through 1991.

Most of the voices were the same as those heard on De Freggels, the Dutch dub of the puppet series. The recast actors shared the same doubled roles as in the previous dub (i.e. the same actor as Gobo and Pa Gorg, etc.)


English Name Dutch Name Dutch Voice Actor
Gobo Gobo Hein Boele
Pa Gorg Koning Griezel
Red Jet Maria Lindes
Ma Gorg Ma Griezel
Wembley Wimmie Olaf Wijnants
Philo Filo
Mokey Mollie Angélique de Boer
Boober Bobby Jaap Stobbe
Gunge Soof
Uncle Traveling Matt Reizende Oom Roel Paul van Gorcum
Junior Gorg Junior Griezel Arnold Gelderman
Doc Doc
Marjory the Trash Heap Gloria de Storthoop Tonny Huurdeman


  • Dutch dialogue: Jan Derk Beck
  • Voice director: Arnold Gelderman

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