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De Freggels was the Dutch dub of Fraggle Rock.

After being exclusively available on rental video in 1983, De Freggels debuted on Dutch public television in 1984. Two seasons were dubbed to Dutch, as well as the animated series. There is no new material for the Doc and Sprocket or Travelling Matt sequences: the original American material was used.

Just like The Muppet Show and other Henson projects, Fraggle Rock was very popular in the Netherlands. There even was a Dutch Fraggle Rock Fan Club. In the 2000s, an online petition was created in order to get De Freggels released on DVD.

Many of the voice actors reprised their roles for the Dutch dub of the animated version of Fraggle Rock. Several actors also had other Muppet dub credits: Frans van Dusschoten (Gobo) dubbed all of Jim Henson's voices (Ernie, Kermit) in the Sesamstraat pilot episode, while Maria Lindes (Red, Ma Gorg) and Olaf Wijnants (Wembley) occasionally perform voices for Sesamstraat.

De Freggels aired in Belgium as well; the first season is still shown occasionally. In 2003, the complete Fraggle Rock series was broadcast in English for the first time.

Translations and voices

Names and actors

English Name Dutch Name Dutch Voice Actor
Gobo Gobo Frans van Dusschoten
Red Jet Maria Lindes
Wembley Wimmie Olaf Wijnants
Mokey Mollie Angélique de Boer
Boober Bobbie Hans Dagelet (S1)
Hans Otjes (S2)
Uncle Traveling Matt Reizende Oom Roel Paul van Gorcum
Gorgs Griezels (creeps)
Pa Gorg koning Griezel Frans van Dusschoten
Ma Gorg Ma Griezel Maria Lindes
Junior Gorg Junior Griezel Dick Scheffer
Marjory the Trash Heap Gloria de Storthoop Tonny Huurdeman
Philo and Gunge Filo & Soof (philo-sopher) Olaf Wijnants & Hans Dagelet
Doc Doc Dick Scheffer
Sprocket Sprokkel
Doozers Doeners (do-ers)
Cotterpin Doozer Splitpen Doener Angélique de Boer
World's Oldest Fraggle 's Werelds oudste Freggel Paul van Gorcum
Cantus the Minstrel Cantus Dick Scheffer
Convincing John Prater Piet Olaf Wijnants
Fraggle Rock Freggelgrot (Fraggle Cave)

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Theme song lyrics

Maak muziek en lach, zorgen voor een andere dag.
Zingen doen we vlot, in de Freggelgrot.

Make music and laugh, worries for another day.
We're singing easily, in the Fraggle Cave.

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