Songs from Sesamstraat
Released 1995
Format CD
Label WSP
Cat no. 16163

De Allerleukste Liedjes uit Sesamstraat (The Very Best Songs from Sesamstraat) features the 18 best songs from previous Sesamstraat albums.

This soundtrack album for Sesamstraat, the Dutch co-production of Sesame Street, was produced by Weton-Wesgram in 1995.

Track listing

  1. Maak Er Wat Van! (Make It Into Something!) - Bert and Ernie
  2. Wat Een Weer! (Such Weather!) - Bert and Ernie
  3. Waarom Waarom Waarom (Why Why Why) - Bert and Ernie
  4. Ik Ben M'n Lieve Hondje Kwijt (Has Anybody Seen My Dog?) - Bert and Ernie
    Music by Joe Raposo, Lyrics by Ton Hasebos
  5. Drie Mooie Kleuren (Just Three Colors) - Bert and Ernie
    Music by Joe Raposo, Lyrics by Ton Hasebos
  6. Ik (Me) - Ernie
    Music by Joe Raposo, Lyrics by Ton Hasebos
  7. "W" (The National Association of "W" Lovers) - Bert
    Music by Joe Raposo, Lyrics by Ton Hasebos
  8. Neuzenlied (Everybody Has a Nose)
  9. Pluizig en Blauw (Fuzzy and Blue) - Grover and Cookie Monster (and Herry)
  10. Zoek Het Maar Uit (Figure It Out) - Sesamstraat Choir
  11. Jouw Cijfer, Bert (Six) - Bert and Ernie
    Music by Jeff Moss
  12. Troeteldier (Transylvania Love Call) - Count von Count and The Countess
    Music by Lee Pockriss
  13. Noten Tellen (Eight Beautiful Notes) - Count von Count
  14. Bert En Ernie (Bert and Ernie) - Bert and Ernie
  15. Alfabetmars (Alphabet March) - Bert and Ernie
  16. Alleen (Alone) - Bert and Ernie
  17. Kermit Is Z'n Hoedje Kwijt (Kermit Lost His Hat) - Bert, Ernie and Grover
  18. Ik Verloor M'n Koekie In De Disco (Me Lost Me Cookie) - Cookie Monster
    Music by Joe Raposo,Lyrics by Wim Povel


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