Baby David, an orange monster-like doll, is one of Elmo's favorite toys. Elmo first shows Baby David in a 1986 episode;[1] he names the toy after David, the proprietor of Hooper's Store at the time. In a 2011 video, he reveals that he traded in his binkie for Baby David. (YouTube)

David can often be seen laying around in the background on the floor in Elmo's World and several Elmo's World books. Elmo refers to his toy as "Baby David" at the beginning of the song "Planets, Moon and Stars"; it's also called Baby David in the books Potty Time with Elmo and What Makes Elmo Happy?

Sesame Place's Neighborhood Street Party has Baby David on a parade float.

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  1. YouTube video, at the 7:57 mark.

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