Das Hasenpicknick, subtitled "Eine Ostergeschichte" ("The Bunny Picnic - An Easter Story"), is the German dub of The Tale of the Bunny Picnic.

The special aired on April 16th, 1990 on ZDF, and has re-aired since on children's channel KI.KA, typically on Easter Sunday or Easter Monday (an extended holiday in Germany).


English Name German Name German Voice Actor
Bean Bunny Bohne Stefan Krause
Lugsy Hopser Udo Wachtveitl
Twitch Kuschel Sabine Bohlmann
Mother Bunny Mutter Hase Dagmar Heller
Father Bunny Vater Hase Michael Rüth
Babble Plappermaul Linda Joy
Dog Der Hund Herbert Weicker
Great Grandmother Bunny Ur-ur-ur-ur-urgroßmutter Unknown
Be-Bop Unknown
Snort Schnortz Unknown
Mayor Bunnyparte Der Bürgermeister Unknown
Storyteller Bunny Der Geschichten-
The Farmer Der Bauer Unknown


  • German Adaptation: Rudolf Krause
  • Editor: Marianne Brink

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