The Cynopsis Kids !magination Awards


  • Brand Website: won by, a honorable mention went to "Dinosaur Train Website" (The Jim Henson Company)
  • Mobile App (Educational) – Free: Won by "Big Bird's Words… A Sesame Street App" (Sesame Workshop). Of the five honorable mentions, two were "Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame" (Sesame Workshop) and "The Big Moving Adventure" (Sesame Workshop).
  • Mobile App (Educational) – Paid: Won by "Dinosaur Train A To Z" (PBS Kids). Honorable mentions included "Elmo Loves 123s" (Sesame Workshop) and "Fraggle Friends Forever" (Cupcake Digital).
  • Tablet-Based App – Paid: Honourable mentions included "Fraggle Friends Forever" (Cupcake Digital).

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