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Jim Henson's design for his Cyclia nightclub, late 1960s.

Cyclia was a nightclub project which Jim Henson worked on from 1967 to 1970. Cyclia was envisioned as a multimedia experience that would feature a large room with film footage projected onto a faceted ceiling and body-suit clad dancers, timed to correspond with specific musical tracks, live musical performers, and various lighting effects.

The project's sales brochure called it "a sensational glimpse into the inner contents of our times – a vital, living, expanding experience that consumes its audience. It is total involvement, total communication." The images include animation, outdoor scenes and crowd footage that Henson and his associates shot at the Beatles concert at Shea Stadium in 1965.[1]

Thousands of feet of film were shot, and never used. The project never came to fruition, leaving only a few reels of film and some sketches which can be seen in the book Jim Henson: The Works.



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