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Music by Gabriel Ruiz
Lyrics by Ray Gilbert
Publisher APRS (Mexico)
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Puppeteers filming Cuanto Le Gusta number.

"Cuanto Le Gusta" was performed by Miss Piggy and a chorus of Spanish-themed pigs in episode 210 of The Muppet Show. Miss Piggy is upstaged midsong by a trumpeter who performs upside down. At the end of the number, she is lifted into the air by the other pigs, who promptly drop her as they take their bows. In a later scene in the same episode, Piggy is heard telling someone, "How should I know what 'cuanto le gusta' means?"




I remember during the instrumental break on a production number featuring Miss Piggy, I had my character lean over the balcony backwards and play a trumpet solo upside down, and Jim was in hysterics.
On one occasion Jim and I were relegated to a position high on a balcony, far in the background of a Spanish town set with working pig musicians. Far below, Piggy was seducing the camera with a spirited musical rendition. During the instrumental break Piggy began dancing. Meanwhile, my pig leaned backwards over the balcony for an upside-down trumpet solo, and that broke Jim up. He loved that kind of thing.

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