Year Product Country Contribution
1986 JVC Cameras United States Baby
1987 Qantas Airlines Australia Koala bear
1987 Quorn UK Farmyard animals
1989 Dash 3 UK Washing machine
1989 Heineken Lager UK Reindeer
1989 Planète Magique Theme Park France Aliens
1991 Harp Lager UK Camel, Flying pig
1992 Carling Black Label UK Animatronic furry spider
1992 Harp Lager UK Pterodactyl
1992 Nestlé's Nut Clusters UK Animatronic squirrels
1992 Quaker's Sugar Puffs UK The Honey Monster
1992 Vodaphone UK Animatronic reindeer
1993 Caltex Oil South Africa Animatronic "outer space alien" heads and suits
1993 EverReady Energizer Batteries United States Animatronic King Kong
1993 Flymo UK Animatronic garden furniture and plants
1993 Haze UK Animatronic household furniture
1993 Nutter Butter United States Animatronic flying elephant
1993 Weetabix UK Animatronic whistling King Kong
1994 Bärenmarke Milk Flavours Germany Bear
1994 Mercedes-Benz South Africa Hedgehogs
1994 Schweppes drinks UK Animated doorknocker and belt
1994 Smirnoff Vodka UK Walrus
1994 Somfy Blinds France Wolf
1995 Batchelor's Soup UK Hand
1995 Dime Bar UK Armadillo
1995 Foster's Lager UK Froglike monster
1995 Honda United States Bear suits and animatronic heads
1995 Nissin Cup Noodles Japan Cavemen and mammoth
1995 Vitalite Margarine UK Dancing sunflower
1996 ADEG Supermarkets Austria Alfred the Rooster
1996 Flymo UK Garden implements
1996 Sofficini Pancakes Italy Hedgehog, bear, snake and octopus family puppets
1997 Cajoline Fabric Softeners France Bear
1997 Caspari Sauerkraut Germany Horse
1997 Penguin Bar UK Penguins
1998 Duracell International "Battery powered" animatronic bunnies
1999 Guinness/Rugby World Cup Idents Ireland Digital worms[1]
1999 Levi Strauss & Co. UK Flat Eric
1999 Spontex Sponges France Animatronic hedgehog[2]
1999 Toyota ITV Movie Premiere Idents United States Digital talking goldfish
2000 Cheez-Dippers UK Digital rooster
2000 Harpic Toilet Cleaner UK Robotic self-cleaning toilet
2001 John West Salmon UK Bear costumes
2001 Strongbow Cider UK Animatronic gorillas
2003 Sony WEGA Japan CGI alien
---- Aflac Insurance United States, Japan Animatronic talking duck
---- Bud Ice UK Hungry animatronic anteater, thirsty digital ants
---- Cheetos Checkers UK Animatronic Chester puppet and digital character Sally
---- Friskies Cat Food United States Digital talking goldfish
---- Heiwa Japan Animatronic lion and zebra
---- Quavers Crisps UK Digital toy soldiers[3]
---- Velux Windows Europe Victorian toy puppets[4]
2010 Air New Zealand New Zealand Rico
2013 Kohberg Denmark Puppets
2013 Lending Tree United States Puppet character, Lenny


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