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Create and Draw in Elmo's World is a Sesame Street CD-ROM game for Windows computers. The game was developed by Mattel Media in 1999.

Elmo invites the user to join him into an adventure of an interactive drawing and animation experience.


  • The Drawing Page: This area is utilized by most of the other activities and will be visited while doing most of them to create and draw animals and finish scenes.
  • The Big Zoo Activity: In this area, you can explore a rainforest, a farm, a savannah and life under the sea.
  • Picture Poem!: In this activity, Elmo reads poems that are all about animals one line at a time, which draws a small portion of the animal after each line is read.
  • Draw a Song: Each note in this area represents a different scene and song, including the beach, the backyard, the pet store, the tree stump, the coral reef and the pond.
  • Dorothy Imagines: You could help Dorothy pick different animals for Elmo and her to be.
  • Mix N' Match Animal Activity: In this area, the user and Elmo can make new strange and unusual animals by mixing and matching their heads, bodies, tails and feets.
  • Animal TV!: This area selects from seven different channels of animals, and you could also watch your drawings on TV, as well.

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