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Sketches that take place at Count von Count's castle.

Picture Summary / EKA Description
Counting Letters
Episode 0592
As ominous music plays, the Count walks around his castle, checks out the mirror (he has no reflection), and greets his bats. The mailman (performed by Jim Henson) arrives, with a bunch of letters for Count. The mailman wonders why there are so many letters. The Count says that he wrote them all himself, so he could count them... and then he does.
Extinguishing Candles
Episode 0685
The Count extinguishes electric candles by counting them with his finger. But now that it's dark it is hard for the Count to see, as he heads up the stairs for bed, he steps on Fatatita. He also tells his wolf Yuba to run and play with his friends.
Bats get to count
Episode 0745
The Count's bats are upset; he always gets to count, but the bats don't. The Count decides to let the bats count all of the Counts, while the Count counts all the bats... but there's only one Count.
The Count hires Ernie to answer the phone
Episode 0746
The Count hires Ernie to answer his phone so that he won't be bothered with calls while he is counting. However, when the phone rings, the Count wants to count the rings, and won't let Ernie pick up the phone until it's too late. "I told you it wasn't going to be easy," the Count explains.
Sheep on Strike
Episode 2122
It is time for The Count to go to bed, but his sheep go on strike and don't want to jump over his bed, so The Count calls in a substitute.
Rocket Countdown
Episode 2396
The Count has built a rocket with the help of Dr. Rainbrain and plans to launch it from inside his castle. The two count down from the computer console, but the rocket doesn't take off. Indeed, Count never intended for lift-off; he plans on counting down again and again.
Outside a Castle
Episode 2551
The Count takes Susan Sarandon to a castle. He keeps knocking, just to count knocks, and Susan soon learns that it's his castle.
Bat Day
Episode 3039
The Count is all dressed up for Bat Day, which is when he takes his bats for an outing downtown. He counts the votes from his bats, which is more fun to him than an outing.

The Count's Storybook Theatre
Episode 3117
The Count reads the story of "Countilocks and the Twenty Rabbits" starring himself as Countilocks. Countilocks walks through the forest with the intention of counting her friends, The Three Bears. When she discovers that they have moved to Florida, she counts the tree's new residents.
The Count's Storybook Theatre
Episode 3207
The Count reads the story of "Snoring Beauty" played by The Countess, who is put under a spell to sleep. The Count comes by and counts her snores despite that Countess never woke up from the Count's counting or from the thunder and lighting when the Count reaches 10 snores. Next time on The Count's Storybook Theatre: The Count will read 5 stories for us.
The Count's Storybook Theatre

The Count's Storybook Theatre
Episode 3265
The Count reads the story of "The Magnificent 7" who would save a village from becoming lonely. A mediocre 7 and a magnificent 5 show up first, to the behest of the villagers. Next time on The Count's Storybook Theatre: "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea."

The Count's Fairytale Theatre
Episode 3719
The Count tells a new version of "This Little Piggy Went to the Market" for ten toes, and invites the viewers to count along. The little piggy who stayed home, did so to read a book: War and Pigs, and the tenth pig gets shot out of a cannon.
Counting School
Episode 3837
The Count holds a counting class in his castle, where he teaches students the different ways they can count. The kids are very enthusiastic, but the Count goes too far when he forgets to dismiss class as he counts the school bell's rings.
Twenty-something The Count invites the Countess to his castle to watch their favorite show, "twentysomething", where a couple (played by themselves) and Prairie Dawn learn that "twentysomething" is not a number.

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