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Cookie's Mommy in 2015.

Cookie Monster's Mommy, so named because she is Cookie Monster's mother, debuted on Sesame Street in the song "Me Got to Be Blue," with Cookie Monster's Sister.

In Season 33 in Episode 4025, she appeared with Cookie in a Letter of the Day skit about the letter B (in which she was performed by John Tartaglia). Though brought in to make sure Cookie fulfills his "important educational job," she has the same appetites as her progeny, and mother and son give in to temptation simultaneously.

The following season in Episode 4059, as performed by Kevin Clash, she was featured in the song "The First Time Me Eat Cookie," innocently introducing her infant son to the baked good which would become his life's obsession.

She appears in Episode 4618 performed by Stephanie D'Abruzzo.

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