Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck (also referred to as "Monster Foodies") is a five-minute Sesame Street segment featured during season 48. Thirteen segments were produced for the season.

The segments star Cookie Monster and Gonger (from The Furchester Hotel), working in their own food truck and fielding orders from live children via video message. To complete their recipe, the monsters drive the truck to a specific location and learn about where certain foods originally come from.


Season 48

Picture Description
Apples (First: Episode 4801)

Cookie Monster and Gonger visit an apple orchard to complete their apple pie recipe for Thanksgiving dessert.

Cranberries (First: Episode 4802)

Sally would like a cranberry muffin for breakfast, but Cookie Monster has eaten the "Tall, fluffy cookies" and Gonger realizes they're all out of "cran-ba-berries". To get more cranberries, Cookie Monster and Gonger go to a cranberry bog to observe how cranberries are grown and harvested.

Oatmeal (First: Episode 4804)

Cleo has just finished reading Goldilocks and would like to try porridge. Cookie Monster doesn't know what porridge is and calls Baby Bear who tells him porridge is oatmeal. To get more oats, Cookie Monster and Gonger go to an oat factory.

Pineapples (First: Episode 4805)

While making a half-mushroom/half-pineapple pizza for identical twins Kelly and Karla, Cookie tries to make up for eating the pineapple by sticking a pine cone with an apple and making a "pine-apple...cone" which upsets Chef Gonger. Gonger and Cookie Monster travel to a pineapple farm for the "pine-app-apple" for a pizza making party!

Grapes (First: Episode 4808)

Maya would like a fruit salad snack for her cousin Enjoli's visit. Since Cookie has eaten all the "grapies" needed for the fruit salad, Gonger and Cookie Monster take the truck to the vineyard for more. They also learn raisins come from grapes.

Avocados (First: Episode 4811)

Teresa's cat Panchita loves tuna fish and she would like Cookie Monster and Gonger to make her a tuna fish sandwich. Cookie Monster says no problem because they are "Kitty Cat Lovers", Gonger corrects him "Monster Foodies". They have everything they need except avocados, so they go to an avocado farm for more.

Angel Hair Pasta (First: Episode 4812)

Manny would like a healthy meal of angel hair pasta and vegetables. Cookie Monster wonders why he wants to eat hair, so Gonger explains it's just the name of a thin noodle, but they're all out of noodles. Cookie Monster and Gonger visit the pasta factory to get more noodles.

Onions (First: Episode 4813)

Nituna has just finished a book about another Native American girl who eats succotash and would like to try it herself. Cookie Monster has eaten all the onions, giving him bad breath, so they venture to the farm to get more.

Tortillas (First: Episode 4816)

The Monster Foodies visit a factory where they make taco shells.

Maple Syrup (First: Episode 4821)

A young boy would like something round for breakfast, so Gonger decides they should make "pancakeys" but they're all out of fresh maple syrup. Cookie Monster and Gonger visit the maple tree farm where they harvest and process the syrup.

Eggs (First: Episode 4824)

Samara would like a birthday cake as a surprise for a friend, but they're all out of "heggs". Cookie Monster and Gonger visit a chicken farm to get eggs for a birthday cake, which turns out to be for Cookie Monster.

Honey (First: Episode 4826)

Gonger needs to help his "grandmamama" bake her buttermilk biscuits for the neighborhood after she hurt her arm, but they need the secret ingredient, honey, to complete the recipe. Cookie Monster and Gonger travel to a bee farm to get the honey.

Milk (First: Episode 4828)

Aman wants to do something kind for his friends on a hot day. Gonger comes up with the idea to make fruit smoothies but Cookie Monster has finished off the carton of milk. To the Dairy Farm!

Sesame Street Channel on YouTube

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Picture Description
Fruit Sushi (release date: October 1, 2018)

Jenny Slate visits Cookie Monster and Gonger in the food truck. She'd like them to help her take her granola and make fruit sushi for breakfast. Before Gonger can gather all the ingredients, Cookie Monster and Jenny have eaten all the yogurt. Fortunately, Gonger has some locked up in the refrigerator.

Making Zachos with Ellie Kemper

Making Zachos with Ellie Kemper

Zachos (release date: October 3, 2018)

Ellie Kemper is looking for a healthy snack to enjoy during the big game and wants Cookie Monster and Gonger to whip up some nachos out of zucchini -- Zachos! Cookie Monster has all the ingredients but Ellie ate the cheese for the Zachos. Not a problem, Chef Gonger has more.

Make Monster Faces with Zooey Deschanel

Make Monster Faces with Zooey Deschanel

Monster Faces (release date: October 5, 2018)

Zooey Deschanel needs Cookie Monster and Gonger's help to make a fun healthy snack her kids will enjoy using the strawberries from her garden. She wants to make silly Monster Faces out of fruit.

Other appearances


Monster Foodie Truck 2D Display at Pop-Up Tour. Northpoint Mall in Alpharetta, GA

In promotion for the segment, the Foodie Truck was brought to the Metrograph theater in New York City on November 9, 2017 at a screening for The Magical Wand Chase.

A smaller, two-dimensional version of the truck, playing footage from the "Foodie Truck" segments, is used at malls during the F is for Friends pop-up tour. The Foodie Truck is also featured in the Sesame Street Live show, Make Your Magic.

A slightly dilapidated, vine-covered version of the Foodie Truck is seen in the background of "Snack-Side Down" in the show's 2017 viral video spoof of Stranger Things.

Behind the scenes


(left to right) Leslie Carrara-Rudolph, Warrick Brownlow-Pike, Ryan Dillon and David Rudman on set.

The segment was originally conceived by Warrick Brownlow-Pike, performer of Gonger, during the production of The Furchester Hotel. In an interview with Tough Pigs, he detailed:

When David Rudman was around on the Furchester and Cookie Monster and Gonger got together, everybody found it hilarious. And as we got to the end of the run of The Furchester, I decided we needed to keep the duo going. So I started to develop an idea for them, I thought maybe they could be delivery people who deliver food from The Furchester Hotel kitchen. That kind of moved on to the idea of Cookie Monster and Gonger having their own food truck, and they can serve food from the truck. I developed this idea with Carol-Lynn Parente, who was the Producer of ‘The Furchester Hotel’, and we wrote a 5-minute script. There was a food truck outside the studios where we were shooting in Manchester that was open at lunch time. So I asked the owner if I could use his truck for an hour and gave him some money and he gave me his van for an hour, and we shot a pilot with myself and David Rudman on iPhones, and that’s what helped us sell the show. This idea then merged into what you see in Season 48 of Sesame Street which is ‘Cookie Monster’s Foodie Truck’.[1]

The segments are shot from three different perspectives: exterior shots using the whole truck on the street set, a raised set of the inside of the truck[1] and the on-location footage of both the Foodie Truck's travels and the various food locations.

Elements of the segment were directed by Alan Muraoka[2] and Marilyn Agrelo.[3] The foodie truck was designed by David Gallo and built by Scenic Art Studios.[4]


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