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"Cookie's Crumby Pictures" (also known as "Crumby Pictures Presents") is a new segment added to Sesame Street during the 44th season.

Each 5-minute segment is done in the style of a coming attractions trailer, showing footage of Cookie Monster in various film parodies where he uses executive functioning skills (such as patience, focusing and memorization) to solve problems.

The segment's opening parodies Universal's logo sequence. Seven segments debuted throughout season 44, with additional features debuting in subsequent seasons. The format's initial concept was a series of game shows, until Joey Mazzarino came up with the idea of film spoofs.[1]


Season 44

Picture Description
The Spy Who Loved Cookies (First: Episode 4401)

Cookie Monster, as "Double Stuffed 7," learns to listen carefully to directions in order to complete a task and successfully save the cookie crown from Ladyfinger.

Online: (SSvideo), SesameStreet's YouTube Channel (YouTube)

Cookies of the Caribbean (First: Episode 4403)

Cookie as "Captain Snack Sparrow" learns to focus and not give up when trying to reach Davy Jones' cookie jar.

Online: (SSvideo), SesameStreet's YouTube Channel (YouTube)

The Biscotti Kid (First: Episode 4405)

Mr. MiCookie teaches "Cookie-san" the art of "Biscotti Karate," though Cookie has a hard time focusing.

Online: (SSvideo), SesameStreet's YouTube Channel (YouTube)

Les Mousserables (First: Episode 4411)

Cookie, as "Jean Bon-Bon," learns how to identify the feelings of his fellow French friends by the way they look and act.

Online: SesameStreet's YouTube Channel (YouTube)

The Hungry Games: Catching Fur (First: Episode 4414)

"Cookie-ness Evereat" must finish food patterns to complete the Hungry Games. Other characters include Pita, Finicky and Tick-Tock Lady.

Online: (SSvideo), SesameStreet's YouTube Channel (YouTube)

Lord of the Crumbs (First: Episode 4415)

Cookie plays "Gobble," who must stay patient as he tries to remember the recipe for the "one dessert to rule them all."

Online: SesameStreet's YouTube Channel (YouTube)

The Life of Whoopie Pie (First: Episode 4417)

Cookie Monster uses strategies to help control his desire to eat a boat made of cookies.

Online: SesameStreet's YouTube Channel (YouTube)

Season 45

Picture Description
Star S'mores (First: Episode 4504)

Cookie, starring as "Flan Solo," struggles to not eat his partner, a sentient cookie named "Chewie". Grover makes a special featured appearance as "Groda" (a parody of Yoda).

Online: (SSvideo), SesameStreet's YouTube Channel (YouTube)

Twilight: Breaking Cookie (First: Episode 4505)

Cookie, as "Shortbreadward," must keep his "yumpire" urges under control to marry Belly.

Online: SesameStreet's YouTube Channel (YouTube)

The Cookie of Oz (First: Episode 4508)

Cookie Monster creates a memory strategy to find his way to the cookie of Oz.

Online: SesameStreet's YouTube Channel (YouTube)

Furry Potter and the Goblet of Cookies (First: Episode 4509)

Cookie must complete challenges brought upon by Crumbledore.

Online: SesameStreet's YouTube Channel (YouTube)

Nosh of the Titans (First: Episode 4510)

Cookie Monster is going to meet his father Zeus, but must make it past Moo-dusa first.

When Cookie Met Sally (First: Episode 4513)

Sally teaches Cookie Monster strategies to help him wait his turn in line.

Cookie hulk
The Aveggies (First: Episode 4525)

Cookie Monster, as Dr. Brownie, must focus to destroy Bon Bon's cookie ship.
Online: SesameStreet's YouTube Channel (YouTube)

Jurassic Cookie (First: Episode 4526)

Online: SesameStreet's YouTube Channel (YouTube)


To promote the segments, Sesame Street's official social media accounts creates posters for the fictional films in the segments.


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