Conchita Goyanes(1946-2016), born Concepción Goyanes Muñoz, was a Spanish actress who played Adela in the Spanish Sesame Street co-production Barrio Sésamo.

Primarily a theatre actress, she came from a family of actresses, including her mother, Mimí Muñoz, and sisters Mara Goyanes, María José Goyanes, and Vicky Lagos. Her film career includes roles in Un fantasma llamado amor, Relaciones Casi públicas, Las aventuras del Hada Rebeca and The House of the Doves. On TV she has had roles in such shows as Novela and Estudio 1.

She began working as Adela on Barrio Sésamo in 1979, interacting with Caponata and Perezgil. Her character did not return for the later period of the show in which Espinete was a major character.

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