Come 'n Play is a line of Sesame Street food-related playsets, made by Hasbro in 2012, under the Playskool label.

The name of the toy line is taken from a line in the "Sesame Street Theme": "Come and play, everything's A-OK." Hasbro also made a line of Come 'n Race toys as exclusives for Toys R Us.

Abby Cadabby Tea Party is an Abby Cadabby-themed tea set, with a plastic teapot that brews "magical tea". The teapot lights up in different colors, and there are 20 sound clips with phrases and sound effects. The teacups glow when the magical tea is poured into them.

Cookie Monster Kitchen Café is a toddler-size stand-up plastic playset is made in the shape of an oven and stove. Cookie Monster's head appears over the stove as the chef in the Café. Elmo and Abby Cadabby appear in the Café's window to order food.

Young cooks can "feed" the Sesame characters with food that they prepare in the kitchen, and the characters respond with more than 70 recorded phrases. They also sing the "Cookie Monster Kitchen Song".

The Elmo Cash Register playset comes with plastic coins and a credit card scanner. Elmo holds a pen which can write on the signature pad. The toy has 20 sound clips with phrases and sound effects.