PERFORMER Fred Newman puppeteer
  Gary character
DEBUT 1987
DESIGN Ron Mueck designer
  Julie Zobel builder

Clyde is a full-bodied dragon puppet who appears in Puppetman. Clyde is a nine-foot tall dragon mailman, whose booming footsteps alert the residents of Dragon Time Castle to his presence. He wears a mailman's cap and shoulder bag, and brings the viewer fan mail, which is then read by Rita. Clyde has a deep but friendly voice.

Unlike the other "Dragon Time" characters, Clyde is only seen briefly in the opening theme, dancing with Rita, and is unmentioned in the show-within-a-show's cast list. Clyde only briefly functions as a character at all, in fact. He is most often seen with Gary's head prominently sticking out of it, and is essentially used as a sight gag when circumstances force Gary to take his son to the hospital while still in costume (causing the nurse to dub him "Puff").

Clyde is a full-bodied Muppet, operated in much the same way as Big Bird or Bear, with one of the character's arms filled by the puppeteer while the other mostly swings freely. Although it's revealed that the Clyde suit consists of two halves, a torso and head attachment on top and the legs and tail below, his head is shown, torn from the upper body, on a pike in the closing credits.