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Clueless Morgan

Clueless Morgan looking confused in Muppet Treasure Island.

Clueless Morgan is a pirate goat who first appeared in Muppet Treasure Island in 1996. Along with Bad Polly and Mad Monty, Clueless is one of the principal mutineers, as part of Long John Silver's plot to take over the Hispaniola. However, Clueless is the most naive of the group; as suggested by his name, he often seems unaware of the ramifications of his villainous deeds. He is a poor swordsman, striking his own allies and surrendering when the same pirate he hits is defeated. He is later beaten up by the other pirates when he believes they learned a valuable lesson when defeated.

Clueless Morgan was also featured in several UK Spots on Muppets Tonight with his Muppet Treasure Island co-star, Polly Lobster. In these skits, the pair work as bartenders seen through the eyes of Mr. Callahan, and Clueless displays his singing ability.

He has most recently appeared in the Muppet Snow White comic book as a bouncer at a nightclub alongside his old castmates Bad Polly and Mad Monty.

According to Clueless Morgan's puppeteer Bill Barretta, part of the reason that Clueless has not been used in any productions since Muppets Tonight is that the puppet has gone missing. Barretta added to this comment, "If anyone out there has seen him, please ask him to call home. His family misses him." [1]

According to The Muppets Character Encyclopedia, Clueless Morgan's real name is Dimwit C. Morgan (the C stands for "Chucklehead").


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