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Billy Crystal, Fozzie, and Kermit in "City Schtickers."

City Slickers is a 1991 comedy film starring Billy Crystal, Daniel Stern, Jack Palance and Bruno Kirby. The film follows Mitch, played by Crystal, who has turned 39 years old and is having a midlife crisis. Along with his two best friends, the trio go on a two-week cattle drive, but when Curly the trail boss arrives, misadventures ensue.

A skit from episode 103 of Muppets Tonight parodies both City Slickers and its sequel City Slickers 2. Billy Crystal, Fozzie, and Kermit are three big city comedians rounding up a cattle drive. They make bad puns, deliver a "calf," and even sing an old western tune, "Ragtime Cowboy Joe." Of course, the cattle protest to this, and the sketch ends with the three comedians dodging a stampede.


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