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Chuckie Sue gives out a big yawn.

Chuckie Sue is Telly Monster's pet hamster. Like Dorothy and Bernice the Pigeon, she appears on Sesame Street as a live animal rather than a Muppet.

The hamster's original name was Chuckie, until Telly discovered that his pet was pregnant in episode 3860. He decided that her full name was Chuckie Sue, although he continues to call her Chuckie.

When Chuckie Sue gave birth, Telly claims that that is a unique accomplishment proving the hamster's superiority during the "Greatest Pet in the World" contest; Zoe, however, claims that Rocco has fathered an entire family of pebbles.

Chuckie Sue apparently changed color in the "Pets" episode of Elmo's World. She had previously been a grayish-white; on Elmo's World, the hamster was brown.

Chuckie Sue's kids are named Moe, Larry, Curly (referencing The Three Stooges) & Chuckie.

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