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Written by Tony Geiss
Date 1992
Publisher Ephemeral Music Co.

"Chirrup" is a Sesame Street song from episode 3122. It is a loose parody of "Chim Chim Cher-ee" from the film Mary Poppins.

The song is a part of Super Nanny's arsenal of cheering up the children she takes care of. She sings to Oscar's niece Irvine, thinking the song will pull her from her Grouchy mood. Irvine instead, being a Grouch, writhes around in agony as Super Nanny sings the cheerful song, backed up by a trio of happy birds (performed by Fran Brill, Camille Bonora and Peter Linz). The song doesn't work, confirming Oscar's suspicions, so Super Nanny resolves to sing it again (and again for the next 10 minutes).

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