Chile PSA 4 - Emotional Support Soporte Emocional00:33

Chile PSA 4 - Emotional Support Soporte Emocional


A series of Chile PSAs were produced in 2010 starring the Muppets of Plaza Sésamo, and celebrity Cristián de la Fuente.

The shorts were a response to the 2010 Chile earthwuake and meant to help teach kids about the aftermath of earthquakes and the feelings they give kids.


  • Christian, Gaby and a Multimonstruo help Lola deal with the collapsing of her school after an earthquake.
  • Lola tells Abelardo it's okay to feeling afraid of earthquakes.
  • Lola reminds us to know your name in an emergency.
  • Cristian tells Lola how to plan for emergencies.

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