Written by Gerald S. Lesser
Published 1974
Publisher Random House
ISBN 0394481003

Children and Television: Lessons from Sesame Street is a 1974 history of the production of Sesame Street, written by Gerald S. Lesser, the chairman of the Children's Television Workshop Board of the Advisors. The book presents a thorough description of the "CTW Model" for children's television, with an analysis and criticism of the show's pedagogical approach.

Included in the book are sketches by Maurice Sendak from early development seminars for Sesame Street.


Section One: A Proposal

One: Why It Should Be Tried
Two: Why It Might, or Might Not, Work

Section Two: Planning

Three: Goals
Four: Children and Learning
Five: Production
Six: Research Planning

Section Three: Broadcasting

Seven: Criticism
Eight: Outcomes

Section Four: Lessons from Sesame Street



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