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Which came first?

"Which came first - the chicken or the egg?" is a question regarding causality that has been debated for centuries.


  • Spike Milligan grabs a chicken by the neck in The Muppet Show episode 317, and furiously asks it, "Now, who came first?! Answer!"
  • Following The Swedish Chef's segment on spring chicken in The Muppet Show episode 512, Fozzie asks Kermit the seminal question. Kermit replies, "Because an angry Swede was chasing them with a cleaver!" Fozzie's confused, "That's not it. Hey wait, yours is better!"
  • In Episode 3243 of Sesame Street, Telly Monster receives a call from a fellow Triangle Lover asking an important question: which came first - the chicken or the triangle? "Nobody knows the answer to that one," Telly answers.
  • Donna Erickson asks the question to the Swedish Chef in an episode of Donna's Day. He can't make up his mind, so he hosts a race around the kitchen between a chicken and an egg, where the egg comes in last.
  • A chicken visits Gina's new veterinarian clinic in episode 3918 of Sesame Street, having gotten a headache pondering this question.

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