Chicken Licken (left) with Turkey Lurkey (right)
DEBUT 1994

Chicken Licken is the name occasionally applied to the titular character of the fable "Henny Penny" (also known as "Chicken Little"). A Muppet version of the character appears in episode 3322 of Sesame Street.

Decked out in an army uniform, he and his associate, Turkey Lurkey, try to alert the citizens of Sesame Street that the sky is falling. Telly falls prey to their fear tactics and follows along with whatever task Chicken Licken gives him to prepare for the entire sky falling on top of them. Level-headed Tarah tries to explain it's impossible, but is constantly ignored. Eventually, Gordon finds that the sky didn't fall on Chicken Licken, a pinecone in the park did.

He later reports to everyone that the sun has disappeared, only to be told his large hat is covering his eyes.