Segments where recurring characters or Anything Muppets perform a cheer, whether unanimously or spoken line by line.

Picture Subject / EKA Description
Letter F
Episode 0092
The Anything Muppets cheer about the letter F in five different segments, most of which are similar to each other. Sketches range from the Anything Muppets chanting about the letter F to chanting each letter up to F. One sketch features Beautiful Day Monster among the group.
1041Kcheerleaders Letter K
Episode 0100
The Anything Muppets cheer for the letter K. At least three different versions exist, with CTW documents labeling them as #1, #2, and #4, suggesting at least one more additional "K Cheer" sketch.
Number 4
Episode 0132
The Anything Muppets try to give four cheers for the number four, but keep losing track of the number of times they cheer. They eventually discover that if each of the four Muppets cheers once, they will yield the desired result.
Episode 1092
The Anything Muppets sound out "rocket," then witness a rocket blast off.
Letter I
Episode 3829
Baby Bear, Rosita, and Zoe cheer for the letter I.
Number 12
Episode 3829
Baby Bear, Rosita, and Zoe recite a cheer about the number 12.
Ernie & Bert
Episode 3829
Baby Bear, Rosita, and Zoe introduce an Ernie and Bert scene...
Number 16
Episode 3847
Baby Bear, Rosita, and Zoe cheer for the number 16.
Episode 3847
Rosita, Zoe, and Baby Bear cheer for something sweet and blue - Grover!
Episode 3847
Baby Bear, Rosita, and Zoe cheer for something that goes "tweet."
Episode 3880
Elizabeth, Zoe and Rosita do a cheer about a computer and printer.
School The Anything Muppets cheer about school in three different sketches.

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