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A listing of all Muppet characters who have been puppeteered and voiced by performers of the opposite gender (occasions in which an actor of the opposite gender only supplied the puppetry are not included).

Anthony Asbury

Terry Angus

Heather Asch

Jennifer Barnhart

Rickey Boyd

Fran Brill

Tyler Bunch

Leslie Carrara

Kevin Clash

Stephanie D'Abruzzo

Michael Earl

Andreas Förster

Dave Goelz

Louise Gold

Tim Gosley

Bruce Edward Hall

Brian Henson

Jim Henson

Richard Hunt

Eric Jacobson

Jerry Juhl

John Lovelady

Peter Linz

Noel MacNeal

Joey Mazzarino

Brian Muehl

Kathryn Mullen

Jerry Nelson

Frank Oz

Bob Payne

Karen Prell

Marty Robinson

David Rudman

Caroll Spinney

Benita Steinmann

John Tartaglia

Matt Vogel

Steve Whitmire

Mak Wilson

Victor Yerrid

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