Sometimes one has to change size for the effect...


...other times one just needs a new perspective.

Characters from Muppet, Henson or related productions who have grown or shrunk (from magic or science, and not from natural growth or aging), including dream sequences. Size changes due to transformations are not included.

Characters who have grown

Characters who have shrunk


Beaker-size Beaker on 2011's The Muppets.


Howard Tubman's pressure cooker experience.

Honorary Mentions


Times when certain characters appeared to be a considerably different size for a certain scene, but the size change is never explained and/or acknowledged. This does generally not include rebuilt versions of puppets that might be slightly bigger or smaller than previous versions of said puppet.

  • Zoe — a smaller puppet, based on the one created specifically for her role as Mousey the Hatter Helper in Abby in Wonderland,[1] was built for and used only during Season 40

See also


  1. Sesame Street at 40: A Night of Celebration with the Legendary Cast, info written at Tough Pigs

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