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Songs from 1, Rue Sésame
Released 1974
Format 45 RPM set
Label MFP
Cat no. MP 107

Inside of the gatefold sleeve

Chansons de 1, Rue Sésame: Ouvre Toi Rue Sésame (The Songs from Sesame Street: Open Sesame Street) was the very first album of Sesame Street songs translated into French, although it was released on a set of two extended play 45 RPM records, instead of one 12" LP. It was produced at the time that Bonjour Sesame, a dubbed version of Sesame Street, was broadcast in France.

Record One

Side One

  1. Ouvre-Toi Rue Sésame (Sesame Street Theme) - The Entire Cast
  2. Viens On Va Se Balader (Goin' for a Ride) - Anything People

Side Two

  1. Les Gens Qui Vivent Auprès De Vous (The People in Your Neighborhood) - Bob and The Anything People
  2. Oscar Le Grincheux (The Grouch Song) - Oscar the Grouch

Record Two

Side One

  1. Comment s'appelle cette chanson? (What's the Name of That Song?) - The Entire Cast
  2. Robert Ducky (Rubber Duckie) - Ernie

Side Two

  1. Cinq personnes dans ma famille (Five People in My Family) - Anything People
  2. Rien ne vaut une bonne glace (Everyone Likes Ice Cream) - Three Friends and Monster

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