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PERFORMER Michele Mariana voice
DEBUT 1990
DESIGN Barry Bruce
  Teresa Drilling designers

Cecille is a clay animated ball who was featured in several segments on Sesame Street. Consisting of a round mass of orange clay and a pair of expressive red lips, Cecille, following an elaborate introduction, would perform a vaguely Motown-esque song number built around a given theme, whirling round and changing shape to illustrate the lyrics. She would even split into her own backing chorus when needed.

Originally produced for Season 22 and Season 23, the five segments, each running close to two minutes, were produced at Will Vinton Studios, best known for the California Raisins. The shorts remained in occasional rotation on Sesame Street through season 39.

The introduction showcased Cecille's abilities, while a male vocalist (Christopher Cerf) recited her theme song. This was followed by an announcer's intro, "And now, ladies and gentlemen, Cecille!" The lyrics were included in Sesame Street Unpaved.


Cecille demonstrates various opposites.
Cecille sings about retaining her individuality. This segment was included in We All Sing Together.
Cecille performs a country song, becoming a cowgirl to demonstrate how she rounds up and brushes her teeth.
Cecille demonstrates the fun of pretending and assuming other roles (particularly easy when you're an amorphous clay ball). This segment was included in Imagine That.
Cecille illustrates different modes of transportation, from train to car to plane, while singing about how regardless of the distance or method, she'll get her love to you. This segment was included in 40 Years of Sunny Days, Sesame Sings Karaoke and Elmo's Travel Songs and Games.



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